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RETRO ROLE PLAYING GAME FEEL IN A COOPERATIVE DARK FANTASY BOARD GAME! DUNGEON DEGENERATES - HAND OF DOOM is a fantasy adventure board game from GOBLINKO. Blending a Dark & Dirty Old School role playing game aesthetic with an easy to learn, fast-moving & engaging board game system, DUNGEON DEGENERATES delivers the dark fantasy adventure you want, when you want it. Players choose between four adventuring Degenerates who have been imprisoned for various crimes of survival. As they make their way out of Brüttelberg into the decaying Eastern provinces of the Würstreich they must take on strange & dangerous adventures & fighting against the corruption & decadence that have set into the land. Monsters, cultists, witches, demons & wizards have taken advantage of the rot & are encroaching on civilization. As if that wasn’t enough, the Necromancer’s Hand of Doom points down on the land & disrupts the natural order with Hellish resolve.

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$79,161.29 / 1,061 backers
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Dungeon Degenerates Tarot Adventure
26 days ago – Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 02:15:17 PM

HELLO DEGENERATES, It's time to take a peek at some of the awesome new content we have coming for DUNGEON DEGENERATES when our next funding goal unlocks!

The DUNGEON DEGENERATES TAROT ADVENTURE EXPANSION will come with new cards for many of the decks from the base game, interweaving the themes of the Tarot Goblinko into you adventures through the Borderlands. Here are some teasers on what you will find within:

NEW ADVENTURERS There will be a handful of new adventurers included, complete with characters sheets, standees, skills & loot. This includes The Fool and The Hanged Man, but there will be more & you will get to pick them! We'll be posting a poll to allow our loyal backers to vote on who they want to see in this pack, so stay tuned for that!


This wandering vagabond lives on the road, walking the paths of the Borderlands with no particular destination in mind, driven forward by the whims of fate & the mangy hound biting at his ankles. Begging & scrounging their way from town to town, this dynamic duo calls no place home; they live on the verge of the limitless possibilities that lie hidden on the road ahead, undaunted by the cares & concerns of the rational world. Oblivious of what is to come, the Fool lives in the present moment; leaving the past behind & always pressing forward towards his uncertain future.

As you can see, the Fool starts the game without Experience, but lots of Luck! While he is not a formidable fighter compared to his companions, he can generate more Luck quickly; a vital ability in campaign games.  

The Fool carries his meager belongings in a Bindlestick & owns little else, save for the rags on his back. His most valuable asset is his canine companion, who guides the oblivious rover & keeps him from harm.  

What's that? An Ally with Attack & Hit Points? Yes! The dog will help out in a fight - This pack will include simple new mechanics for incorporating Allies into a fight & the Fool's Dog is just one of many fighting friends to come. Not only that, but this puppy's Perception nicely offsets the Fool's biggest shortcomings.  


This pack will include several new Items for the Epic Loot deck to help your adventurers traverse the world & survive the dangers therein.  

While the powerful arcane amulet known as the Verm Oroboros grants you the power to open portals to other worlds, the Chromatic Key will help you find your way back from the world on the other side.  


If dangerous magic isn't your cup of tea, perhaps you'd prefer a huge hunk of wood with which to beat your enemies into oblivion.  

All this & much more are included in the DUNGEON DEGENERATES Tarot Adventure Expansion! Unlocking these new cards & characters will open up a world of possibilities for adventure to be discovered in the DUNGEON DEGENERATES Tarot Adventure book, which will incorporate the new content of the Expansion pack as well as the Tarot Goblinko deck itself into a new campaign of massive proportions beyond anything you've seen in the Mission Book or Guides to the Würstreich. With each turn of the card, a new quest awaits, with a new system of rewards drawn from the Tarot itself. The Tarot Adventure book will be bound in hardback with tons of full-color & full-page art throughout. Are you ready to dive to new depths of immersion & new levels of luxury? The fans agree that DUNGEON DEGENERATES HAND OF DOOM offers a mind-blowing aesthetic experience & unprecedented replayability, but just between you & me, YOU HAVE ONLY SEEN A SMALL PART OF THIS GIANT HYDRA-HEADED BEAST. Stay tuned - in my next update we'll show some more goodies & talk about new monsters & monster abilities! --ERIC 


NOTE: The images in this post are works in progress & may be changed as playtesting continues.

Dungeon Degenerates Expansion Content In the Tarot Goblinko Kickstarter
about 1 month ago – Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 05:24:14 PM

For the new Tarot Goblinko - The Dungeon Degenerates Tarot Goblinko Mission Book is a $30 add-on & the Tarot Goblinko Dungeon Degenerates Expansion pack is a $40 - if you want to increase your pledge amount by $70 now to add those on - this would give the project the legendary kick.CLICK HERE TO BACK THE TAROT GOBLINKO


Third Dungeon Degenerates - Degenerate Dictionary is Unleashed!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 12:15:25 AM

My Gott & So on... It's the third Dungeon Degenerates - Degenerate Dictionary! Covering the Tittering Terrors of the Highlands! Profiling the degenerate denizens of the grassy & gassy gulches of the Wurstreich! New from Goblinko!